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Elif Bet


Every month,

The Elif Collective invites our community members to gather in a cozy space in NYC and hear a new play. 

The letters "Elif" and "Bet" begin the Semitic alphabets. They are the first two building blocks for dozens of languages. The Elif Bet Play Reading Series celebrates beginnings and makes the audience a building block from the very first draft.

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Actors bring the characters to life for the first time.

Playwrights experience their worlds come alive.

Everyone discovers the transformation that takes place when a story leaves the page.

Elif Bet is a house-warming party.

"Bet" means house—and that's where you are, at home with us. We serve snacks, dance, and meet with new friends and old.


What better way to warm a house than with a story?

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Upcoming Readings

Sunday, May 26, 6PM

Rose of the World

by Priya Ele

Set in the 90s, the Roses, a group of elite supermodels, try to get back to work after the death of the group's top model.

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Past Readings

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