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The Oven

An 8-week development lab

& short play festival

This summer, Elif is cooking with Personal Pizza Party

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What is The Oven?

THE OVEN is Personal Pizza Party’s flagship program: an 8-week program culminating in a mid-summer staged reading festival,  emphasizing community, collaboration, and whisk-taking in a supportive, judgement-free environment!


We invite up to five early-career playwrights to create new short plays in our weekly test-kitchen workshops, with an emphasis on camaraderie, creativity, and collaboration. This will be an opportunity to cast off the notion that writing is something to be done in isolation – during meetings, we encourage discussing craft, process, and the industry at large in addition to presenting our pages.

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How is The Elif involved?

We will co-lead The Whisk Workshops, inviting five directors and eight actors to join in on the fun. Much like the Playwrights who meet to share their work in a safe environment, these sessions create a safe space for directors and actors to share their artistic processes.


Directors will pair off to test out each other’s directing practices on the same scene; actors will voice candid feedback on how each director’s style resonates with them; and all have the chance to explore, without risk, what constitutes their ideal collaborative practice.


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