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Pale Fire Theater presents

Scenes from Timon of Athens

An Open Rehearsal

361 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

After one week of devising and two weeks of rehearsal, Pale Fire Theater presents three scenes from their Timon of Athens. Shakespeare's original has over 20 characters – PFT's version condenses it to 6 actors. With modern music and a young, vibrant aesthetic, these three scenes act as a proof-of-concept for a Timon of Athens that resonates and entertains in the 2020s.

Director's Note

Timon of Athens recounts the story of Timon, a wealthy Athenian whose prodigal ways and overtrust of humanity lands him in fatal debt. It's one of Shakespeare's lesser known plays–it's also commonly considered coauthored and unfinished. Pale Fire's goal with this workshop is to finish it, somehow, for the eyes of a young and global audience.

We were drawn to Timon because of its allegorical nature, its intense contrasts, its hatable characters and the big question it asks: what does it mean to be a friend to someone, when they have needs you cannot serve? Tonight you'll see our first stabs at this question, these characters, and our aesthetics for a 2023 Timon.

We've developed three scenes: two from before Timon's demise and his retreat to the woods, and one after.

This is truly a work-in-progress showing. Time-permitting, we'll invite you to give feedback after the show, or through an online form. One day, we'll put Timon up as a full production. Tonight, you're helping us find the shape that full production will take.

 - Abigail, Henry, and Shayan, co-directors
and the Timon ensemble

The Program

The Ensemble

Dive into our rehearsals – 

At the end of every rehearsal, our SM Allison sends out a detailed report of what we did that day, general notes, props and technical items to flag, and what to expect the next day. The screenshots below are from the reports from all but one of our rehearsals. Allison was absent one day cuz she was moving.

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