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Director: Sophie Craig

Assistant Director: Mikayla Gold Benson

Production Stage Manager: Jennie Yu

Assistant Stage Manager: Allison Letterman

Set Design: Maya Weed

Lighting Design: Jules Gross

Costume Design: Correia S. Borba

Assistant Costume Design: Sydney Johnson

Sound Design: Anjali Ramakrishnan

Props Design: Henry Alper

Intimacy Choreographer: Talia Hankin

Fight Choreographer: Julia Ruth Patella


Jessica Goldman: Marie-Josée Bourelly

Dennis Ziegler: Nils Asmundsson

Warren Straub: Shayan Hooshmand

This Is Our Youth

By Kenneth Lonergan

April 13-23, 2023

Set in New York, 1982, This is Our Youth takes place over the course of 48 hours in the volatile wreckage that is 21-year-old Dennis’s studio apartment. With razor-sharp dialogue and biting humor, Lonergan transports us back in time—to a violent year in the city’s history, full of fear and uncertainty—but also to a time in each of our lives, when we felt lost and helpless. We watch three friends cope by cracking jokes one moment and lashing out the next. Together, we relive that moment, hovering somewhere between adolescence and adulthood, when the tools we equipped as kids to make sense of the world suddenly appeared before us, flimsy and broken.

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